This herbal medication has proven to be good for the following: Throughout history Yarrow was THE herb for the battlefield, hence its nicknamed “Herbal Militaris” and “Soldier’s Woundwort”. Whilst its ability to staunch blood flow is second to none, Yarrow was also used to relieve pain, inflammation, fight infection and soothe spasms. Wound Healing,improves Circulation,Digestive Health The benefits of Yarrow for women’s health in particular are many. It is particularly effective in either lessening heavy menstrual flow or in stimulating the uterus to bring on menstruation. Yarrow aids in toning the muscles and increasing muscular activity of the uterus, which serves to initiate menstrual flow. This is a wonderful herb for women with absent periods, also known as “Amenorrhea”. If you are using this herb to stop heavy bleeding, it is important to address the cause of this whilst using Yarrow. Women’s Herb Additionally, its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions make it especially useful in relieving menstrual cramps. With regards to fertility issues, its positive effect on circulation ensures that the proper amount of blood is getting to the reproductive organs. This increased circulation helps to eliminate pelvic congestion such as PCOS and endometriosis and helps to relieve the pain brought about by these conditions. lower high blood pressure, to improve circulation, and to tone varicose veins. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE COURIER COSTS

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